Scott Ries

Software developer based in Brooklyn, NY.
Ask me about VueJS and PHP.

Who I am

I'm a software developer living in New York.
I like to make browsers do cool things fast.

My most recent role was as a Developer at Familiar Studio.

I also use FLOSS to tell stories as part of the theater company Title:Point.
I make good use of Pure Data, Processing, and FFmpeg.

I have a cat named Nico. I like to eat strange things in strange places.
I can talk your ear off about weird math problems and critical theory.

What I've Done

Web Development

For more than a year I built websites with Familiar Studio, a shop that produces complex designs, rich UXs, and robust client services.

I frequently used HTML/CSS/JS, VueJS (with Nuxt), PHP, Gulp, Git, Node, and Webpack.

While Craft was our primary CMS, I was also the go-to dev for Wordpress.

I also got to play with all kinds of other bits of code, ask me about them!

Previously I spent two years at a tiny (two-person!) company called binary/organic, creating websites and services with Stripe and Mailchimp, among others.

Creative Coding

I code for fun and art, too. I've written software in Max/MSP, Puredata, Processing/P5.js, ffmpeg, Python, and even BASIC.

I've made an iPad react to its compass direction, used tree algorithms to animate theater productions, made music with Markov chains, even made a rocking chair rock on its own.

I'm currently trying my hand at Supercollider.

What I've Made

"Everything of Any Value"

Projection design and an iPhone application (as well as collaborative writing and acting) for Title:Point's experimental production. I have worked on nearly a dozen productions with Title:Point in five years.

Check out the Purr Data, Touchosc, and (Java-flavored) Processing code on Github.

Read about the "technically ambitious" production on the New York Times.


Visualization of a landscape in Virginia Beach, VA.

View the Javascript, which uses Vue and prototypal inheritance on Github.

What I Know

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Fun tools

Say hi

Feel free to send me an email to discuss my projects, to praise the wonders of Open Sound Control, or just to offer a friendly hello!