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  • Sleeping Car Porters

    I designed and installed projections for an experimental play, one of a dozen I did with the theater company Title:Point.

    I built the software to run them, using Vue and Nuxt.js, and ran them live every night of the run.

    My favorite feature of this design was randomly animating vector points of Roman numerals.

    This production was favorably reviewed in the New York Times (paywall).


    I built a gif generator as a side project when I worked at Reflexions.

    I made an image "party" by rotating its colors around the hue spectrum. The background title does a similar rotation in different phases on each line, using CSS animations.

    Users can preview the result on white and black backgrounds, optionally "make it rotate," too, and download the result.

    The front-end is a simple Vue instance that posts to a server running PHP, which uses ImageMagick to do the transformations, animations, and gif creation.

  • Lighting design for GATEWAY

    I designed, built, and installed a system of lights for an installation of Lena Hawkins' paintings at Newtown Radio, Brooklyn.

    PureData patches controlled the lights over DMX connections, and calculated a one-dimensional "danceability" parameter of the music DJs played over the month-long residency. This parameter influenced the lights' movement.

    I chose colors from the corners of a tetrahedron slowly rotating in HSV space.

    Each light behaved independently, but they could be grouped into motion and/or color sync based on groups ordered in a Markov chain.

    Code and details are on the Github repo.

  • Aceeeh ino rrssstUv

    This was my graduate thesis for the MFA in Media Study program at SUNY Buffalo.

    I submitted the entire (at the time) Beatles ouevre to algorithmic reordering processes. This included the films, music, album covers, and album/song titles.

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  • Guitar Antihero: .1m/3 .1m/4 .1m/4cen . 1/m4 . 1/m3.

    I made a custom Guitar Hero level for the Wii based on the first track of Taku Sugimoto's Principia Sugimatica.


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